Items included in the second round of totes (the exact book was chosen based on age of the young person and their expressed preference)
Items included in the first round of totes

Not Alone Notes was built out of an idea…

to mail care packages of resources to individuals early in their journeys with OCD.

This was simplified to a handwritten letter full of hope and expanded to include anyone with OCD or related disorders. Still, the original idea was in the back of our minds, and now it has become a reality.

In January 2021, we made a trial run of 30 totes. The packages included a Not Alone Note, book, journal, fiddle items, stickers from OCD organizations/companies, and many more resources someone new to OCD could use. In November of 2021, we sent out second round of 30 Not Alone Totes, this time geared towards young people with OCD specifically. The third round of Totes, for all ages again, was sent fall of 2022.

Got an idea for a donation we can include? Email us at notalonenotes[at]

Shipping costs for the third round of totes are generously covered by

Thank you to all our donors for the third round of totes


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