Not Alone Notes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that mails free, handwritten letters to others with OCD and related disorders.

We want to remind others they aren’t alone, encourage hope, and dispense resources.

OCD can feel incredibly lonely at times. We will mail you a handwritten note for free on a handmade card as a reminder that you are not alone in this fight.

Not Alone Notes was started in 2017 as a project by Morgan out of her dorm room. She put a form link on her mental health blog, asking people with OCD if they wanted an encouraging note. And people started requesting them.

Shortly after, Molly reached out about donating handmade cards for Morgan to write on. Together, Morgan and Molly continued the project, speaking at conferences, and filing for nonprofit status.

Our team has continued to grow with volunteer writers, and we’ve continued to send notes, fulfilling this original mission. We also now send notes in Spanish and to individuals within the broader OCD umbrella (including Tourette’s, body-focused repetitive behaviors, etc.).

Not Alone Notes is at its core a project that grew out of a desire to spread hope and love and resources. We continue to do that through mail.

While Not Alone Notes aims and works to provide confidentiality of all those requesting a note, this Google Form is not a HIPAA compliant system. By requesting a note, you acknowledge this risk. Addresses will not intentionally be shared by Not Alone Notes outside the group of letter writers who go through an application process and sign a confidentiality agreement.

card made by Caroline

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