Board of Governors

Morgan Rondinelli


Morgan Rondinelli is a mental health blogger (My OCD Voice) and advocate. She has an MFA in Creative and Professional Writing. Her writing has been featured on the IOCDF blog, The Mighty, The OCD Stories, and OC87 Recovery Diaries. Additionally, she has spoken at the IOCDF Annual Conference and the Depression on College Campuses Conference several times. Morgan previously served with AmeriCorps as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

Molly Fishback


Molly Fishback is a teacher and co-founder of Not Alone Notes. She works at McLean Hospital’s Arlington School. Molly enjoys being a mental health advocate through Not Alone Notes by using her art and creativity to help others. When not teaching or advocating for mental health awareness, Molly likes to make art, listen to podcasts, and spend time with friends.

Haley R.


Haley is currently a college student at Washington University in St. Louis. She was diagnosed with OCD at age 7 and dermatillomania at age 16. After undergoing multiple rounds of intensive treatment programs, Haley has been inspired to give back to the OCD community. She gave a speech on OCD to her high school senior class and wrote a children’s book on anxiety for a service project. In her free time, Haley loves to play with her four cats, work on her eBay store, read, and knit. She is thrilled for the opportunity to channel her passion for OCD/BFRB advocacy through note writing for Not Alone Notes!

Lisa Giuffre


Lisa is a pediatric speech-language pathologist. She is the treasurer and a note writer for Not Alone Notes. Lisa loves sharing her OCD journey with others to help people feel less alone and to help reduce the stigma surrounding OCD. In addition to NAN, Lisa mails letters of encouragement to people who are struggling through Letters from Lisa. Besides advocacy, she loves reading, doing crafts, and spending quality time with friends and family. Lisa loves that she gets to combine her love of crafts and letter writing with advocacy through Not Alone Notes.

Note Writers

Brie Godin

Brie graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2020 with a master’s of public health, focusing on community and behavioral health promotion. Prior to graduating, she worked for nearly four years in an inpatient mental health facility where she developed a passion for advocacy work. She currently works as a research fellow for the State of Wisconsin, focusing on emergency preparedness and public health. She was diagnosed with OCD at age 7 and outside of work remains active in various OCD/mental health advocacy groups. For hobbies, Brie loves making music and art and is excited to serve as a creator/writer for Not Alone Notes.



Violet is a 16 year old junior in high school, and was recently diagnosed after a lifetime battle with OCD. Violet has always had a want to help others, as well as a passion for art. By finding NAN, she was able to find a creative and expressive outlet for her. In the future, Violet hopes to get a doctorate in psychology and help others with any types of mental illness. In her free time, Violet loves swimming, running, painting, and all things ballet!

Bronwen Evans


Bronwen is a volunteer at the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Boston, where she and her partner lead the organization’s monthly song circle and open mic and continue to develop creativity programming. She discovered Not Alone Notes when she was looking for resources to help her navigate her OCD and anxiety. She loves the creative and supportive community at Not Alone Notes and is thrilled to join their talented, compassionate, and enthusiastic team. Donuts, velvety horse noses, space heaters, graphic novels, snowshoeing at night, and people uplifting others make her really happy.

Heather Karp

Heather is an abstract painter and digital illustrator living in Massachusetts. She has lived with OCD since her earliest memory (age 4), and was diagnosed at 35 years old after the birth of her son. Art is a central focus of where Heather explores her journey with OCD, the distortions in her ways of thinking and the ways in which she sees the world through this lens. In her spare time, she loves to hike, bird watch (owls are her favorite) and read. Heather is so inspired by the NAN founders and excited to be a part of the writing team!


Rachel is a sophomore in college and majors in Psychology. She has been involved in the OCD community since 2017. Rachel aspires to become a mental health advocate, be more involved in various mental health communities, and to improve the quality and accessibility of mental health care. In her free time, Rachel enjoys spending time with her dog, knitting, and drawing. She is excited to be a part of the Not Alone Notes team!

Alex Georgiadis


Alex is a policy analyst who advocates for progressive policies that promote racial and economic justice at the local and state level in Colorado. She graduated with a Master of Social Work and has a background in direct service community-based work with immigrant and first generation youth in educational and mental health spaces. Alex became passionate about OCD advocacy after being diagnosed at 21 and wanting others to realize that there is hope and freedom on the journey to recovery with the right treatment and support. She also holds a special place in her heart for the LGBTQ+ OCD community, a group she is proudly a part of! In her free time, Alex loves to hike, run, rock climb, play volleyball, cook vegetarian meals, and follow way too many golden retrievers on Instagram.

Delena S.


Delena is a mental health advocate who experienced OCD for 25 years prior to a diagnosis. After finally receiving a diagnosis and treatment, she became active in the OCD community by speaking at the OCD Convention, volunteering at the 1 Million Steps 4 OCD Walk , and offering her time in the IOCDF office. She loves to spend time with her dog, listening to audiobooks, and watching live music. As a Note Alone Note writer, she hopes to encourage people in their OCD/BFRB fight!


Kaitlyn is an occupational therapy student excited to help future clients overcome obstacles that prevent them from living life to its fullest. She is passionate about service-leadership, writing, spirituality, art, mental health advocacy, and connecting with others. Kaitlyn is delighted to spread handwritten love to fellow OCD warriors.

Alex B.


Alex is a sophomore in college studying elementary education. He was diagnosed with OCD at age 8 and also happens to be on the autism spectrum. As someone who enjoys making colorful cards and making people happy, Alex is thrilled to start writing notes for people with OCD and other related disorders. In his free time, Alex enjoys spending time with his dog and chickens and loves performing in the areas of singing, piano playing, acting and dancing.



Emerson is a work in progress who loves plants, animals, inorganic chemistry, words, and stickers. They take on the world with their service dog, Peppercorn. They are a chemistry and art student in the Midwest but are originally from North Carolina. They love snails as a representation of their chronic illness, OCD, and disability story. They love going for short walks with their partner and learning new things as much as possible. 

Past Writers

  • Mikayla Leech – Content Creator
  • Emily Beaver
  • Caroline
  • Samantha Swift

In Loving Memory of

Olivia Cyr

“Olivia Cyr is a 17 year old high school student who has had OCD most of her life. After seeking intensive treatment when 12 years old, she discovered a passion to help encourage others with OCD. She was a leader of a yahoo support group for teens with OCD for 2 years with over 500 members. After graduating, she hopes to pursue a degree in social work and work in a clinical setting to help those with mental illness. Olivia works with Not Alone Notes by helping create, write, and send cards.”

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