Color Your Fears: A Workbook Using Exposures to Combat OCD Obsessions

For the past 1.5 years, we have been working on an ERP coloring workbook to use independently or with a therapist. The book includes a combination of coloring pages drawn by Molly, each paired with a blog post story and explanation written by Morgan. In the posts Morgan tells her own experience with the different themes of OCD that she has experienced. We give examples of how you can use the pages in other ways besides coloring, such as cutting them out and carrying them around, or tearing out the page and rubbing it on certain items to make them “contaminated.” ⁣

We worked super hard on this book to help others with their recovery. You can purchase this a physical copy of this book for $10 on Amazon or a digital copy for $8 below. We wanted to make it affordable for everyone!

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